The Future of Ecommerce - Artificial Intelligence

Artificially intelligent bots acting as sales representatives

Social Artificial Intelligence.

Technology giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Google are racing against each other developing their version of an artificially intelligent (AI) chatbot. It is early days as demonstrated by the embarrassing blunder from Microsoft's AI chat bot Tay. However there are already extremely promising projects such as Facebook's Bots for Messenger platform.

Sky Foundry envisions a future where the consumers will have natural language conversations with AI bots just like consumers today have conversations with store clerks about the brands products and services. This will allow a brand to reduce expenditure on support staff by assigning the chatbot to handle standard questions asked about a product/service. The AI bots can also be utilized to up sell or recommend certain products/services based on a consumer's previous purchases with that brand. All of this powerful conversion logic in the familiar apps consumers use today.

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