Increase your online sales with our eCommerce expertise

Ensuring that your eCommerce store is designed and developed to optimise user engagement and functions flawlessly, ultimately leads to an increase in online sales

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What we do

We create online stores that convert

Sky Foundry has the expertise to create exceptional eCommerce experiences for your customers. We can create optimised template solutions or custom stores on your chosen platform, while our engaging designs and straightforward checkout options make things easy for your customers. Your management needs are met integrated into an intuitive backend that gives you full control. We make sure we understand your existing eCommerce data, user intent, business goals, organisation branding and offering to create the ultimate online conversion machine.

The Process

1. The brief.

We work with you to create a brief which details your eCommerce challenges, goals, insights, audiences, and platform capabilities.

2. Planning and conception.

We create a design and eCommerce architecture based on your brief, that creates the most intuitive and effective online store.

3. Development.

We build your online store and make it come to life! We work with either your chosen platform, or our recommended platform that best meets your business objectives.

4. Testing and optimisation.

Before launching, we ensure your online store and the UX functions flawlessly, and we remove any sticking points.

5. Launch and support .

We don’t set and forget, but instead train your team on how to use your new system and support them during this process.

6. Store promotion.

We can help your audience connect with your online store with a tailored launch campaign. This includes paid and organic initiatives.

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Our Solutions

Why should you consider the help of an eCommerce developer?

Create an intuitive online shopping experience

We use audience insights to create a simplified experience for your users, that helps them engage with your brand and convert.

Incorporate your brand into your online store

We ensure your website and eCommerce site are consistent and speak the same language, to connect with users in an authentic way.

Integrate with your applications

We connect your various sites and applications to allow your data to travel across platforms and provide you with rich, useful data insights.

Nurture the right people at the right time

We can set up further customer nurturing to keep your audience engaged, and your brand top of mind.

Create a responsive experience

We ensure your online store is responsive on mobile, and optimised to provide the most engaging experience relevant to device types.

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