Rank higher online with strategic SEO

Many people think that there is a trick to hacking the search ranking algorithm to achieve worthwhile organic results online. The good news is that there is no trick. However, you will need to dedicate time and resources to developing good SEO tactics on your website to rank higher in search.

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What we do

At Sky Foundry we understand how the elements of design, development and marketing all come together to improve your website experience and ultimate your websites SEO. We use our expertise to create sites and content that search engines love to crawl, and achieve your organisational goals. We’re in it with you for the long haul, to continuously optimise your website and make you more findable online.

The Process

We optimise the website experience for both people and machines

1. Discovery.

We undertake a full SEO, website and content audit, to understand your current business messaging, content opportunities, keyword density and opportunities, audience insights, and organisational goals.

2. Planning and strategy.

Using the content and keyword insights gathered from the Discovery stage, we create a thorough SEO strategy to help you achieve your goals.

3. Implementation.

Here we partner with you to implement your SEO strategy. We ensure you are part of the process all the way through, so you understand how everything works together, and how it will impact content production in the future.

4. Optimisation and support.

SEO is a marathon not a sprint, and needs ongoing optimisation and analysis. You may also find that some of your strategy needs tweaking once you’ve gained more search insights. We’re available to support that process long-term with you.

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Pirate Life

We helped Pirate Life create a consistent online presence with a brand new website and eCommerce store.

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Pirate Life

Our Solutions

Why should you invest in SEO support for your website?

Make it easier for people to find you

We analyse your audience search terms and typical buying journey to understand their intent and likely search terms, so it is easier to find your business online.

Greater brand reach

If your business is findable online for non brand related terms, you are more likely to increase your brand reach and connect with potential customers.

Drive traffic to your site

Organic website traffic can provide you with quality users, which will supplement your other website traffic long term.

Increase quality lead generation on your site

Leads from organic search are typically high quality, as they have found your site via their own research and are genuinely interested in what you offer.

Increase the ROI of your digital marketing

Once your SEO is performing optimally, you will find that your cost per lead will decrease and your digital marketing ROI will increase.

Are you ready to optimise your site for better search rankings?

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