A Deep Dive Into Retail

After seeing the massive lines of customers eagerly awaiting their next order of bubble tea, Matthew pitched the idea to Clark and Paul to setup a bubble tea store in Adelaide. At that point in time, 2016 there wasnt any bubble tea stores operating in the city.

By the time we had opened it was a very different situation with a bubble tea store located on every corner through out the city. Along the way we learnt what it takes to manage and setup food and beverage company, it was a very interesting experiment. Sky Foundry handled all graphical, social and logistical work necessary to setup the fast food company.

A Brand That Is Fun For Everyone

Bubble tea was originally one of the main beverages originally sold at BIT, we designed the original logo to evoke emotion with a young demographic which are known for bubble tea consumption. We did that by using a characterized version of the defining ingredient found in bubble tea, tapioca pearls to become the face of the brand.

Menu Design

We set out to create a menu that is inviting, fun and most importantly, easy to understand and navigate.

Skills Used


Graphic Design.

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