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Global Digital Currency Exchange


The Exchange

Traders are demanding more than ever a sophisticated trading interface that performs as fast as the trading engine backing the interface. At any given moment there are hundreds of locations on the trading interface that require displaying new information based on market movements.

Displaying this new information in a performant and visually striking way created a unique opportunity for Sky Foundry and we happily took on this immense challenge.


As regulation is catching up with blockchain technology, so is the means to verify and ensure the customers who sign up are who they say they are. Sky Foundry developed a sophisticated “know your customer” verification system that complies with all countries financial regulations around the world.

Landing Pages

Digital currency trading platform competitors are growing around the world. In order to remain competitive and to attract the customers, new incentives must be clearly visible and the message display loud and clear. We created the landing pages for Nauticus that are both visually striking and align with the branding, while also delivering on selling the platform incentives.

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Web Development.

Web Design.



Graphic Design.

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Fat Controller

The best live music venue in Adelaide

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